Gwent Police HQ

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Schüco FWS60

Gwent Police HQ

The Gwent Police building serves as an emblem of security and justice in Wales, characterised by its modern architectural design and advanced facilities. It operates as the central headquarters for the dedicated officers of the Gwent Police Force.

Size and Configuration of Rooflights

Rooflights RL01 & RL02: These rooflights comprise two Schüco FWS60 Series units with a 10-degree pitch, featuring aluminium frames with thermal insulation. They are partially supported and designed as single slope/mono-pitch structures to match specified builder’s kerb/upstand dimensions. Together, they cover a total surface area of 182.78 square metres and have a polyester powder-coated finish in a non-metallic RAL colour. Weatherproofing and finishes for perimeter kerb upstands are handled separately.

Rooflight RL03: This rooflight is a Schüco FWS60 Series unit with a 10-degree pitch. It is self-supporting with a tapered design to fit builder’s kerb/upstand dimensions of 4,279mm span (on plan) x 11,767mm long, divided into 2 shaped bays down-slope x 6 bays wide. Its total surface area is 51.13 square metres, and it also has a polyester powder-coated finish in a non-metallic RAL colour. Weatherproofing and finishes for perimeter kerb upstands are managed separately.

Construction Details

All rooflights are constructed using a 60mm wide thermally broken extruded aluminium box section framework, based on the high-quality Schüco FWS60 series curtain wall system. Glass units are fully framed with mullion and transom members, secured by low-profile, extruded aluminium one-piece pressure plate/capping profiles. Edge detailing incorporates fully insulated pressed aluminium closer pressings.

Thermal Performance

The rooflight systems have a thermal performance rating of 1.1W/m²K for the centre pane and 1.7W/m²K for the overall system. One of the key factors in the glass selection process was its thermal performance. The centre-pane U-Value of 1.1W/m²K attests to the glass’s exceptional insulation properties. This measurement signifies the rate at which heat transfers through the glass, and the low U-Value indicates excellent thermal efficiency. Gwent Police HQ benefits from reduced heat loss in colder months, resulting in energy savings and enhanced customer comfort.

Glazing Specification

The outer pane consists of 10mm thick clear toughened glass, heat soak tested, and treated with a Ritec ‘Clearshield’ (easy clean) coating. The inner pane is made of 13.5mm thick clear heat-strengthened laminated glass, with an SGP/SentryGlas (Ionomer) structural interlayer.